Vedic Astrology

At the time of birth of an individual, the situation of the planets governs his education, livelihood, family, business (loss or profit), his fame, pride, dignity and his vicissitudes & many other factors responsible for sustainability of a human being. Ever since centuries, man had been believing in some invisible, supernatural, omnipresent force for his own existence but has not concluded to a strong viewpoint to rely upon. This force has different names worldwide.

Owing to this force this invisible force regulates the life of a man and gives the fruits of life according to the sweat of his brows. The impact of this force on human being is written in a cryptic and mute & mysterious language, which governs the aftermath's of any individual existence on this earth. At times it is possible to decode the behaviour of the human beings, through the problems encountered by the man and impact of these problems in the future. This planetary impact can be well understood controlled through (mantra, gems, medican, daan, snnan) theory. Everchanging rules and truth of the life depicts the cycle of the life, death and reincarnation or rebirth but prior to death, we are associated with multi-dimensional disciplines like health, family, business and change in these factors has a direct influence in our life.



A powerful remedy against ill effects of black magic, angerous Tantrik deeds.

By keeping it on your person, office or shop, it will fully ward - off ill effect of every type of dangerous or powerful black magic, Islamic, Western, Tantrik deeds, Satinic waves. From the day this 'Shaktishali Siddha Yantra' is kept by someone, all ill-effects of any kind of magic, charm, tona, totka, tantra shall be nullified and no harm shall come on him. It is a very powerful, wonderful tried and tested Yantra.

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