Kundalni Mahavidya

Author  Acharya Keshav Dev Ji
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I.S.B.N. No./Code : 8190095420
Publication Date : 2006 Edition : -
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This Book, Is Authored By The Marvel Yogi Of 20Th Century. His Divine Grace Achraya Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj Who Himself Is A Mystic. As He Under Went Personally In A Deep Meditation For A Period For Almost More Than Forty Years And Experienced Extra Ordinary Mystical Knowledge And Experiences. He Has Practically Proved The Importance Of The Kundalini Mahashakti For The Present And Coming Generations. His Divine Grace, Has Unveiled, Unique Brilliance Dazzling Mystery Of Kundalni The Most Invincibel Force Of The Cosmos. In This Book, He Has Traced The Extra Ordinary Methods, Ways For The Awakening Of This Serpentine Force, Which Proves As The Best Friends And In Reverse Case The Worst Enemy, Of The Meditation.

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