Chamatkaro Ki Kunji

Author  Acharya Keshav Dev Ji
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Chamatkaro Ki Kunji [hindi]

Acharya Keshav Dev Ji

Most Mysterious Riddles Of Life Remain To Be Understood. All Animate And Inanimate Objects When Observed Keenly Seem Wondrous And Miraculous. The Endeavour Of The Author, His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev, Is To Reveal The Mysteries That Surround Us, Through His Work. The Book Is One Of His Many Works And A Result Of Incessant Hard Work And Years Of Research. It Delves Into Various Occult Sciences Of India And Has Been Compiled In A Lucid Manner To Provide Scientific Analyses Of The Phenomena That Have Appeared Mysterious So Far. His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev Has Tried To Elaborate These In A Very Simple Language To Make It Intelligible To The Common Reader And Possibly Practice Them. Shabd Vigyan, Mantra Vigyan, Tantra, How To Achieve Yoga Siddhi? Techniques Of Awakening The Divine Vision, Science Of Knowing The Time Of Death, Science Of Respiration, Science Of Dreams, Locating Water Streams Inside The Earth, Mystery Of Bell And Conch, Spectacle Of Clapping, Sole, Palate, Prediction Of Throbbing Of Body Parts, Importance Of Performing Yagya And Its Miraculous Effects, Science Of Music And How Music Can Heal Different Diseases, Science Of Omens Based On Creatures Like Lizard, Khanjan Bird, Dogs, Crow Etc, Features Of Male And Female Body Parts And Their Predictions, Life After Death, Importance And Effects Of Science Of Odours, Urine Therapy, Yoga Etc., All These Subjects And The Related Streams Are Disclosed In This Book And Would Help The Readers Immensely. This Book Is A Result Of Unique And Tireless Endeavour By His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev. The Book Is Highly Informative And Aims At Benefiting The Readers In Their Daily Life. By Following Simple Techniques Mentioned In The Book One Achieve High Goals In Material And Spiritual Life. A Lucid Writing, Easy To Comprehend, Intelligible To Readers Of All Hue And Tastes, The Book Touches Upon Subtle Aspects Of Human Life

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