Paravidya Gayatri Mudra Vigyan ( Iv )

Author  Acharya Keshav Dev Ji
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Publication Date : 2006 Edition : 2006
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avidya Gayatri Mudra Vigyan ( Iv )  [Hindi]

Acharya Keshav Dev Ji

This Book Deals With Mudra Vigyan, The Science Of Finger Postures Which Occupies A Very Important And Prominent Position Among The Ancient Indian Sciences. The Science Of Mudra Vigyan Is Deeply Mysterious And Amazing. In This Book, The Author Has Mostly Deal With Tatva Yoga And Those Which Only Deal With The Amazing Mudras And The Yogic Subjects Which Are Specially Related To Mantra Sloka Vidhayan And Also The Names Of Some Necessary Granths. With The Help Of Mudra Vigyan, It Is Not Difficult To Harmonise The Undercurrents Of The Mind. Through, This Science, It Is Also Not Difficult To Achieve Concentration Of Mind. Mudra Vigyan Is The Most Important Aspect Of The Meditation Of The Supreme Self. Here, Yoga Mudras Are Being Presented, As Miraculous Remedies Which Affect Some Illness Like An Injection. Ear Ache Can Be Cured In Just A Few Minutes By Shunya Mudra. Similarly, Many Urinary Infections, Will Be Cured By The Experiment Of Apan Mudra In A Few Minutes Only. Mudra Vigyan Is Built Upon The Knowledge Of The Divine And Is Manifest In The Five Fingers Of The Human Hand. If Imports A Lot Of Knowledge About The Human Body. Mudras Not Only Effect Our Own Self But Also Influence The Feelings Of Those Who May Be Watching Us. In This Book, The Author Has Discussed About Some Very Useful And Effective Mudras Detail Which Are Very Useful In Curing Diseases. Besides, Some Basics About Mudra Vigyan Such As Secrets, Need And Importance And Advantage Of It. Then, Some Specific Mudras Of Worship Are Also Discussed. The Language Used Is Simple And Understandable. Each Description Of The Mudra Is Accompanied With Relevant Illustration Which Makes The Matter More Easy To Comprehend. The Book Is Very Informative And Will Be Very Useful To The Readers Who Can Immensely Benefit By Practising This Science For Their Own Betterment, Peace And Prosperity.

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