Budh Yantra
Protection from evil effects of Mercury Planet

Price : $ 200.00
I.S.B.N. No./Code : Y- Bud-08

His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev Maharaj Yantra program's spiritually charged Budh Yantra is use to appease the planet Mercury or Budh. Budh Yantra or Mercury Yantra is use to remove the malefic effect of planet Mercury. When Mercury is malefic, the use of mercury yantra/ budh yantra is very benefic and favourable. Those having the problem of stammering and speech , shall perform daily puja to Mercury yantra/ Budh yantra.

Malefic effects indicated by Mercury are, mental diseases, nervous break down, hyper sensitiveness, difficulties in vocal expressions, stammering ect.


Budha Mantra: Aum bram brim braum sah budhaya namah.


Other Remedies :Donate small green lentils, a green pumpkin, a goat, or green clothes to a poor student on Wednesday. 

Those interested in acquiring of Yantra they are required to furnish their Name, Father's name, Gotra (family name), Date of birth, Photograph (close up post card size) with Purpose and Address.

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