Online Yoga Classes – first time by professional Yoga experts
Yoga Classes packages –5 sessions (half an hour each) - $40

We have a very busy schedule in this life style and to have time spare for one’s health is getting difficult. Vivekanand Yoga Ashram has utilized the internet tool to serve the entire world and help everyone live a healthy life.

Vivekanand Yoga Ashram has been providing Yoga classes for last 50 years and have been associated with many health exhibitions through the world providing free Yoga Camps for the betterment of people to live a disease free life. The Yoga Ashram has been involved in various kind of Yoga classes held in the campus in different timings. To help the mankind in better way now we have decided to provide Online Yoga Classes which one can do at comfort of their home.

Costs for Online Yoga Classes are very nominal which have been divided keeping all sections of the society. Registrations for online classes have started with early bird offers. To avail discounts one can opt for monthly Yoga Classes plans. We have also the options of viewing Yoga Videos with Yoga Asans done from Yoga experts for nominal registration fees based on hourly basis.

5 sessions (half an hour each) - $40

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