His Holiness Keshav Devji Maharaj has guided thousands to the true path, to a life of peace, contentment and higher achievement. Come, join this growing fraternity of fulfilled people. For any problem of body, mind or spirit contact us, let the grace of His Holiness touch your life.

Astrology for Marriage

  • When will I get married ?
  • Will my marriage be successful ?
  • Will I get a perfect match for myself ? 


Astrology for Job/Career

Get answers to all questions pertaining to your career such as

  • would it be wise to switch jobs at this time? or
  • will I get promoted this year ? or
  • when will I get a salary raise!


Astrology for Health

Through His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev’s guidance know :

  • Major Illness and Ailments (If Any),
  • Allergies (If Any),
  • Accidents (If Any),
  • Surgery and Recovery (If Any) in your life. 


Astrology for Business

His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev’s guidance will provide for the following:

  • When to cusiness?
  • Suitability of new business
  • Freedom from debts
  • Should I get into the risk of getting into loan?
  • Should I continue with business or give up?
  • Will partnership be lucky for me?
  • Magnitude of success to be expected from business.
  • Am I more suited to job or business. 


Astrology for Students / Teenagers

Students an get answers to all questions such as

  • About Exams,
  • Results,
  • Period for appearing in the competitive Higher Studies at Abroad etc.., 


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